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About Joanie


Joanie Wolfe has been an Energyworker for over 20 years. She offers others help in:

  • releasing the bonds that bind them
  • rediscovering meaningfulness and purpose in their lives, and
  • reconnecting with spirit.  

She facilitates meditation circles, attunement/energy/healing circles, and workshops.

Most recently, Joanie added The Emotion Code (EC) to the tools of her trade.  The EC identifies and releases trapped negative emotions from our bodies and opens us up to healing and love.  It also detects inherited emotions and can focus on limitations in specific areas of our lives. For more info, see www.drbradleynelson.com
In the early 1990s, energy began coming out of Joanie's hands in response to her own personal development and spiritual growth work.  She trained as a Vibrational Healing Practitioner with Ronald Polack (www.ronald-healing.com) and as an Attunement Practitioner with Jude Repar (Emmissaries of Divine Light, www.emissaries.org).  Her work has been enhanced by other studies such as: A Course in Miracles (www.acim.org); A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle, www.eckharttolle.com); meditation and yoga; many courses in psychology, and workshops in alternative therapies (Reiki, etc.) and healing arts including: Dreamhealer, Adam McLeod, www.dreamhealer.com; Enlightenment Intensives and Silent Retreats with Simon Thomson, www.essentialinquiry.com; Shadow Healing with Steve Kushner, www.shadowhealing.com, and Spiritual Healer Larry Champ, and more. 
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