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Brief Revelations

writings from the heart and spirit

The sun always shines--clouds only appear to get in the way.

The body, the mind, the emotions are the gateway to spirit.
Welcome these.
Watch them with curiosity.
Explore the depths...
with heart and light.

It is not so much what we do that matters, 
   it's who we are while we're doing it.

The deception we see in others is a reflection of the deceit in ourselves.

That which we perceive as being in another
   is in ourselves.                                 
That which we focus upon  
   we bring into our experience.   
So how we see the world
   how we define the world
      becomes what is created.    

[the mirror]
[what we give energy to]
[we manifest]
[the mirror]
[what we give energy to]
[we manifest]

The human ego is clever.
We think we're doing something out of love
   when we're actually doing it out of fear.
We think we're fearing something or someone
   when we're actually fearing love.
How intelligent are we?

Life Lifts

The sun always shines upon us—even above the rain and clouds.
   I visualize its light illuminating me. 

Being human is a life-long lesson in learning to let go.

The challenge in life is learning to discern the difference between conditioning and truth. 

It is our under-lying thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that limit our potential. 

We are all doing the best we can with the resources we have.

Emotions are the doors and awareness, the key, to opening our minds and unlocking the mysteries of life.

There is more going on here than we’re able to grasp, 
   yet it's so much less than it seems to be. 

Life is about rediscovering our gifts, 
   and sharing them with others.

When the physical self and our spirit have reached integration, death is simply another experience, like walking through a door into another room.  

Our experiences are based in either love or fear.  We perceive the dramas in our lives as either positive or negative. Yet the thought that things are good isn't necessarily a positive.  The challenge is to choose whether we are going to react from a place of fear, or respond with love...from that deeper sense of peace.  

We spend the first half of our lives attaching to people, places, things, (and thoughts, beliefs, etc.),
   and the second half learning to let go.  

Healing the world is an inside job. 
(adapted from Mindwalk)

Healing and creativity are interconnected.

Healing and creativity are the door to the realm of spirit. 

Giving is receiving and receiving is giving.
That which we give, we receive
   and, through receiving, we give.

In giving, we receive—through receiving, we give.

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