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A Little History/Herstory

3wolves.org [aka WwW or Wolfe, wolf, and Wolfe] began with a synchronistic move onto a piece of property in Ioco (Port Moody), where an abandoned canine by the name of Crackers befriended us.  Crack's was a magnificent animal, and we could see she had some wolf in her.  When she went into heat (the 4th time, we were told), the residents talked about taking her to the SPCA.  We knew that would have meant the end of her.  Strangely enough, at that time Time Magazine came-out with a special issue on wolf hybrids (wolf-dog Xs).  The focus was how unpredictable and dangerous they could be.  Still we just couldn't let this be the end of her, so we had a mutual adoption, her owner signed her over to us, and she was with us for 8 truly wonderful years. [more...]  
In 1985, Joanie and Michael met in college where they were introduced to computers.  We were one year apart in age; grew up 3 blocks away from each other; went to the same elementary, junior high, and high schools; had mutual friends in common though we had never met. Michael moved to the mainland for 7 years and went to university; Joanie moved to Alberta for 8 years and did a bit of travelling; 13 years after high school we met back in Victoria in college. We managed a project together, discovered we were a great team, became friends, then made a conscious choice to have a 'relationship'. Shadow Support (our computing business) arose out of natural abilities, training, requests for support from others. 
Our experiences and the synchronicities in life have moved us deeply and, as a consequence, we have transformed our house into a sacred space where our spirits continue to great-fully unfold.  
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