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Does Energy Matter?


energywork activates the relaxation response and 
releases blockages in the body

Everything consists of energy. 
Matter is energy, which consists of atoms. 
An atom consists of 99+% space.
Atoms attach to atoms, which creates matter. 
So how is it that matter is solid?  
What is it that holds everything together? 
What is it that holds our bodies together? 
What makes us sick; what makes us healthy?
What is thought; what is consciousness?  
We know that matter is energy vibrating at a slower rate, but why?    
The answers lie within. 
Like atoms, molecules attach to molecules, and cells attach to cells.
As with our physicality, our way of being in the world consists of patterns of attachment.
From the time of conception onward, we attach to people, places, things, behaviours and defences, thoughts and beliefs, identities,... 
As time goes by, we become conditioned through our experiences. Our emotional, physical, and psychological responses become more engrained reactions.  We become more polarized in our way of being, qualifying everything in life as either positive or negative, good or bad.  We even learn how to fool ourselves.
The "dis-ease" we experience in life is a reflection of the patterns of attachment and conditioning that are stored in our bodies.  
We either react out of fear or we respond with love. 
Energywork sets the stage for healing and transformation.
It activates the relaxation response and increases the flow of energy in the body.
Energywork facilitates body, mind, and spirit integration and reconnects us with our deeper sense of knowing. 
Energywork blends the visible with the invisible and,
with this, comes peace.
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