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Meditation Circle Evenings

In the West, we think, do, and go so much, we forget how to simply be.  Meditation and Mindfulness Circles serve to connect us with others who wish to bring more peace and joy into their lives.  Through meditation, we learn to move out of our heads into the centre of our being; we begin to integrate mind, body, emotions, and spirit and to experience a sense of wholeness.  We offer three meditation evenings per month.
Mindfullness Meditation
  Silent Meditation
2nd Wednesdays
  3rd Mondays
Wednesday meditation circles follow the Buddhist philosophy of meditating and being mind-full, yet are eclectic in that they incorporate other customs, such as music, the drawing of cards, guided meditation, and/or the passing of the Talking Stick (First Nations) during which participants have the opportunity to share in their experiences, if they wish. The intention is to be in the moment, to listen, and to be mind-full of our thoughts and feelings, ourselves and one another, with acceptance and compassion for everything as it is.  Rather than a social gathering, these evenings are an opportunity for novice or experienced meditators to reconnect with one's Self at a deeper level, and to connect with others in a peaceful thoughtful atmosphere.  If you would like to join us, please see the logistics below.   This meditation evening is experienced in silence. Through silence we become more aware of our conditioning—that is, the patterns that we have adopted in our lives. We watch our thinking, our emotions, our way of being—without judgement—continually bringing our attention back to the moment. Through doing this over and over again, we begin to see how we attach to the positives in life and resist the negatives; we learn how our minds—our thought patterns—drive our way of being in the world. Gradually, we become more comfortable with this aspect of the human condition, we recognize that we all have such experiences, we learn to let go of trying to direct and control out lives, we learn to be less fearful, and we find more compassion for ourselves and for others. If you would like to join us, please see the logistics below.
Master Meditations    
4th Tuesdays
This meditation evening incorporates the teachings of a variety of spiritual teachers with readings between each meditation. Turning our attention to the wise words of masters encourages us to expand and open our minds to other possibilities and potentials. If you would like to join us, please see the adjacent logistics.   Each time you plan to come, please do your best to let us know by 6pm the evening before, so we may have everything setup in advance of your arrival.  
  • Arrivals @ 7:30pm
  • Circle begins @ 7:45-ish
  • Suggested donation $5-$10
  • During cooler months, bring warm socks or slippers (perhaps a blanket) to wear indoors. 
Finding our location isn't straight-forward so, for those who haven't been here before, we have written directions to guide you on your way.  The first time you're coming, please request these, let us know where you’re coming from, and we’ll send them along. 
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