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People who are making a difference for others in the Metro Vancouver area.
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Bethlehem Retreat Centre, www.bethlehemretreatcentre.com

Creative Works
Novel, The Footsteps of My Father, by Peter Farrell Wolfe (2012), http://amzn.com/B009V5C3FK
Sam O’Sullivan’s father is dying. Safely cradled within his hands rests his father’s memoir. As he leafs through its pages, Sam can’t help but compare his bland reality against the passion that defines his war hero father’s life. Waiting to board the flight that will reunite them for the last time, Sam remembers that remarkable summer in 1968 when he was eleven. Not only did he meet Teapan and John Henry, he also learned about the cave-dwelling mystic, Ra Arun, the man who miraculously saved his father’s life and whose lifelong quest for insight would eventually affect and shape Sam too. Everything changes that summer. Sam comes to see his father, James, as a living legend and, while Teapan’s delivery of letters from 1942 help to liberate his father of his longstanding guilt and shame, it is Annie’s forgiveness that finally frees James to share the last and greatest of all his shocking secrets.
Novel, Witch Lightening, by James L. Lewis (2011), http://amzn.com/B006NKRJ6Y
"These mountains make you feel things are going on we can't explain," a young man says after arriving at British Columbia's north coast. He's there to finish his job and get back home to his girlfriend but the "wild thing", a woman with long history on the coast, derails his plans.
Novel, Redemption Kid, James L. Lewis (2011), http://amzn.com/B005A79LL2
A short story about a teenager who becomes involved with drugs and, along the way, loses much of his humanity. But Redemption Kid is story about hope not despair. The boy wants to get back what he has lost. Of course a sacrifice must be made. With Redemption Kid there's a bonus short story. The "World's Best Hangover Cure" is a tale about a young working man who happens to be friends with a witch. He seeks out her help with a problem he's having and gets more than he bargained for.
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