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writings from the heart and spirit

Children of the Light

Children of the Light
Beacons Unto One Another
Shed Your Light on Thee

Open the Doors of Perception
Lead All Forth Out of Darkness
  to Fear No More

There is Only Light
All Is Eternal
There Is No Evil
In Truth

In the Name of God


The joining of matter and energy


Bringing love into matter, 
  physical experience into energy

Through separation, love
through love, forgiveness
through forgiveness, balance
through balance, oneness

Created by you.


Mixed messages
   --tangled schemas

External expectations
   --internal conformation

Creativity, passion, feeling
   --jumbled, excommunicated, hidden

Capitalistic politics, 
   materialistic society, 
     market economy



3 dimensional sense-ability

Joy to sorrow, peace to anger
Polar feelings on a continuum

Emotions bring cause and effect
into consciousness

They allow us to plumb the depths
and stretch to the heights of physical experience

They build within compassion for others
and understanding of the human condition

Emotions are the key to existence
and the doorway to spiritual enlightenment


We live in a 3D world
we eat, sleep, work, play

our perception is that we have a physical reality
but what of the rest of existence

what of the things we cannot see

space, energy, spirit, consciousness, unity

everything is as it is
yet we distrust the ones who truly feel they have everything they need

we exercise power over the physical to feel we have control

we fear death because we must let go and venture into unknown territory

we have choice
--yet we are here and the unknown is here--
we are in relationship, together

and with faith
we can have it all

Feed My Soul

You feed my soul
      soft and pure
      light and dark
Consciously shifting the focus

Love feeds my spirit
      here with my Women & Men Friends
The Haven touches my being
      integrating body, heart, and mind
   —once again—
      a soul birthed into the world
         to blend with All

Oh, how I love
      How I love to love
      How I love to be loved

The mystery of the circle
   lets go pre-conceived ideas and
Presence lights me up like the sun

   —the Gift of Love—

Feed my soul

 Forever Light

Be light oh fair one.
Be light and shine forth.

Let your light shine on Thee...

The All and the One...

There is no other...

only that which is now
...and forever...

Healing the World is an Inside Job

Everything in life is connected.

Dis-ease is connected to emotions, thinking, and spirit, and our expression of these in the world.

Understanding and awareness come from watching our reactions and responses to the experiences life offers us.
They come from recognizing our judgements, our defences, our patterns.

Healing starts within, here, right now.
It comes through acceptance and forgiveness, through knowing that each of us is doing our best with the resources we have.

Yet the focus needs to be on self rather than other.

Give what you truly wish to receive.
Rediscover yourself: Follow your intuition;
Challenge your fears...Find purpose in life.
What makes life meaningful?  
What would truly add meaningfulness to your life?
Be that change: See what happens.  


Excitement with life
in awe of, in wonder

Enthusiastic, fascinated
caring, understanding


an unabridged edition, extended

Everything Matters

Strange how life is,
how experiences come like waves
washing over us,
cleansing our being in this world
until we're ready to let go
of holding on to physicality

(though matter doesn't truly matter)

Who we are in the moment,
our way of
with, and without, each other
can't be grasped,
only experienced,
pondered, and

reflected back to us.

June 2011

A Miracle

Your music inspired me
    I had a dream

You are a part of me, 
  We are connected
You are my gentle side, 
   my tenderness
      my quiet resolve

I fear you, yet I love you
You are my self esteem
my failures, my successes

my innocence
Going deeper
becoming intimate
with self
with spirit

I am excited by your presence
Every thing, a gift

A Miracle

The Mirror

Life is a mirror.

My likes and dislikes.
A projection of my own thoughts and fears.

Think about it.
What has become reality?

Is that which I put out there what I get back?
What have I embraced and hung-on to?
Who and what have I rejected, and why? 
If I think something is going-on and I fear it,
will that become my reality?

Does whatever I resist become?
Is that which I recognize in others what I have become?

The physical world is a reflection.
The thoughts I have about others are my thoughts about me.

I wish to cleanse and let-go of fear
to be aware of my feelings and witness my emotions,
to see the good in me in others, and treat others as if they are me,
and not let my mind carry me away
to becoming what I think I see

One Spirit

We share our lives on earth
We live—we love—we laugh—we learn
  yet a family
Connected by senses and abilities
  that go beyond human understanding

  yet together

Each presence is important
Each life, a gift to the whole
In my search for peace and harmony
  your spirit touched my heart


We live in a world of uncertainty
  anger and frustration keep us there

We gain knowledge through books
  but true understanding comes from
  feeling the pain

The deeper we go, 
  the more joy we allow in our lives

Only then will we be able 
  to reach our spirit’s purpose


Who are we
to think we are 
Look at the world we have created,
conflict and struggle, 
control and power.  

It's time we give that which we wish to receive.  
It's time we had compassion 
for others, for ourselves,
no matter what we may think.  
It's time we put 
our judgements aside 
and look beyond our perceptions
to the heart, soul, and light 
that Is 
—in truth 

See others for who they are, 
not whom we think them to be. 
Realize that what you see
in them
is your fear
or your love.
All that I perceive 
is the mirror 
reflecting me
to myself.  

I have a choice: 
react out of fear
or respond with love.


This is real. 

This becomes reality.  


Truth finds us

It awakens us from deep sleeps and leaves us
It prods us out of denial and propels us into
It nags us when we least expect

It brings to us experiences from which to grow
It underlies judgement and belief and
heals disease

Truth finds us; it lies

Unlimited Possibilities

Here I am
   On Retreat
      an offering of The New Life
         through Silence

My body exhausted
   I was gifted with
      The Forgiving Light
and the everyday practice
      of Gratitude

Enter Unlimited Possibilities


A homeless person approached me today.
She was sick and cold, and asked for a coffee;
   she couldn’t stomach a bowl of soup.
While Michael got her hot drink, 
   I was moved to give her Reiki.
      She could feel it in her leg...
         ...a few moments of peace from the pain
            of ‘cellulitis’, dislocation, non-compassion,
She cried a little,
   then the three of us embarked
      on our respective ways, 
         I gave her five dollars for later,
            she gave me a hug.  

Balance, honesty, integrity, impeccability, humility—
   these words lie at the same point of being.
The basis of physicality and spirituality, 
   they include mindfulness, caring, compassion.

The more I am able to embrace these words as my way of being in the world,
   the more peace I feel, 
      the more I can hear 
         —and follow— 
            that still small voice inside.
   The more peace I spread to others,
   the more I am able to transcend my ego
      ...my fears...
      to the space where wholeness and spirit reside.

the wolf

a symbol of
wisdom and courage

gives us sensitivity
in expressing our emotions,
the willingness to look within,
the wisdom
to accept our experiences
 as opportunities for growth,
the courage to challenge our fears,
and the power to change.


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